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a night to remember!!

night to remember...

peers club...

mmg sangat penat tapi sangat best..

here some pic of night to remember!!

travis,winona,taufik n khusyairi!
kau ilhamku-mambai!

me,wanie zainal and iman talib!!
entertainer behind the screen!!

ajk peers yang work hard(kononnya)

lawrian girls..
last minutes show but they made it!!

the judges!!
sir farid, miss nurul n sir shahril..
they choose the best!!

penonton yng tekun mendengar!!

teslian group...
bruno mars-just the way u r!

another teslian group!!

broadway from LAW C!!
it's make me cry!!

me and syafikah izhar!!
power rangers!!

thanks for all that make this event success!!


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