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take it a CHALLENGE: A Tribute to Your Mom

hi..i'm not good enough to make it a good video like him...
so i respond this video like this...

1. One thing you adore about your mom...
i adore her by the way her teaching us to be a good person. even though she is working mother and always busy with her work but she always find a time to teach us. my dad and my mom will spent every weekend with the family but sometime they need to do the work on the weekend and i understand with that because we live in a big city so the level of live is high. although we are not a really rich family but my mom and my dad will try to give us the a comfortable life like other people. mu mom always remind me "long belajar elok2,pasal duit jgn risau walaucamnepon ibu ngan ayah akan sentiasa berusaha untuk berikan yang terbaik untuk anak kami,jgn jadi macam ibu keputusan baik,dah dapat tawaran sambung belajar dah tapi uwan x de duit masa tu terpaksa ibu lupakan cita2 ibu,skrang along larh penyambung cita2 ibu." every time remember this advice i will cried. my mom had tell me when she was near to give birth of my second brother she got an offer to become a full time teacher but she need to go to the (IPG) me is to small to left behind so she has to reject it. my mom always sacrifice her ambition to give the best to us.

2.one fond memory with my mom.
i have a lot of memory with my mom..if i tell in this blog it could be bored. the one that i always remember is when the time i was in hospital. at that time i still a baby, so this story i got from my aunt. even though i can't remember it all but i can feel it. when i was baby, i always sick and always go to the hospital to do many experiment and test because the doctor suspected that i had problem with my brain. my mom is to worry about me. i'm the first daughter,she afraid if anything happen to me. she didn't sleep because want to take care of me. she always cried and pray to the god for my healthy. at the one time she had tell my aunt, she couldn't bare to see me to through any experiment or test by the doctor because i too small to fell all that pain,if she can she want to replace me. i when i heard this story i know my mom will do anything for me. until now,when i had a problem she will know by herself and try to figure out and also give me an advice. (naluri keibuan)

3. one very important thing i want to say..
"terima kasih ibu,kerana melahirkan,membesarkan,menjaga along waktu sakit, mengajar mengenai kepentingan duniawi dan ukhrawi dan segala-galanya yang telah ibu lakukan untuk along,ibu adalah ibu yang terbaik di dunia"

p/s:i've will always know my mom love me but will never know how much.
selamat hari ibu!!!
(sorry lambat wat post pasal nie)

here some pic my mom n me!!

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