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rooftop prince


satu hari ni aku tak dapat nak buat pape sbb tgk drama ni..

dari episode 4 sampai 12..glerlarh..

episode awal2 dah tgk kat one...

ntah drama ni cam mengarut jerr...dan ulang2 flashback...tapi ttp menarik aku untuk terus tgk.....

sinopsis dari wiki..

Rooftop Prince (Hangul옥탑방 왕세자Hanja屋塔房王世子Ok-tab-bang Wang-se-ja) is a SBS television series about Crown Prince Yi Gak ofJoseon whose wife, the Crown Princess, drowns. Suspecting his wife has been murdered, Crown Prince Yi Gak hires three men outside the court to act as his private task force and find the culprit. Mysteriously,while searching clues for the culprit, they travel 300 years into the future and land in modern-day Seoul in the rooftop apartment belonging to Park-ha, who has returned to Seoul from U.S in search of her biological parents. Soon after landing in the modern day Seoul, and to his surprise, he runs across a woman that looks exactly like his drowned crown princess. However, he soon finds out that there is also a man, looking exactly like himself, who lived in the modern day Korea. Although with difficulty, the men, with the help of Park-ha, try to fit into modern times while trying to reconnect with the past and solve the mystery of the his wife's death.[1]
Starring Micky Yoochun of JYJHan Ji-min, Jung Yoo-mi and Lee Tae-sung; the series is currently broadcasting on SBS from March 14, 2012 on Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55 (KST).

so try larh tgk...lain orang lain citarasa...

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