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in the ancient of the dinosaur ..
there are story about...
"the friendship of the dinosaur"..

in the wide jungle that near the area of Calorado..
there have a population of herbivore Dinosaur..
their live there with many accommodation..
no one will near the area because of the huge number of them..
and they will chase out all the intruders by scaring them..

The real story is all about two best friend from that population..
their name is Maiasaura and Nanosaurus..
Maiasaura and Nanosaurus have been freind since their play in playground..
they can't be seperate..whatever matters..
every one in that area now that..
where maisaura go,then they wiil also see nanosaura..
and where ever nanosaura go. maisaura wil always beside..

Their two go to the same school..
in the school they always try to beat each other to improve themselves..
that make two of them well known in that school..
altough maisaura is little bit genius than nanosaura..
but maisaura never let her fren been left over..
she always tried to help nanosaora to improve herself..
they will always help each other no matter what..
the two of them had made a promise..
that no matter what happen nothing will seperate them..

Maisaura is the dinasaur..
that really talkactive,courage,happy and many more..
while nanosaura..
is less active but when her with maisaura she always have a smile face..
even though their behavior are totally differences..
but their still best fren....

TO Be continue...

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