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terima kasih!!

hey u..
i just wanted to thank you..
u make me smile again..
after a lot of tears..

i thought u have already forget about me...
after a long time not message u..
i didn't expect that u will message me again..
cause i know ur busy with ur work..
ur need to get what ur dream off..
thank u for still remember me..
even though it just for a while..
u message me
it give me so much fun..

you said that i had been change..
nothing is change about me..
i'm still what i'm before..
and always like that..

and one more thing ..
thank you for your compliment..
serious u make me blushing..
u know..
i pretend that i don't care about it..
but deep in my heart..
it make me blushing and smile by myself...


p/s: i will waiting for ur ice-cream.hee

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